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About Us

Creating Luxury Surface Designs

Four Dimensions is a luxury surface design studio based in Navi Mumbai. 

Four Dimensions is a proud member of the Di Donato Group, Italian Family Company, producer of the well-known Antica Signoria brand of interior and exterior finishes. 

Four Dimensions is the sole distributor serving across India, for the entire range of Antica Signoria and IVC paints. We are proud to offer superior customer service with quality assurance and professional workmanship.

We use only the finest materials manufactured in Italy, such as Vertigo, Elite Marmorino, Chic Classic, Plaisir, and many more from Antica Signoria range launched in 26 countries worldwide. Our fresh ideas and artistic flare combined with industry experience give us an edge in the field of applying these amazing products. 

Get the best quality surface decorative material with the newest technology. Having knowledge with the latest trends in colors, creating a beautiful style throughout your interior and exterior awarding with a new look. 

Through a targeted planning, and with the careful selection of highly qualified professional partners, project managers, and skilled painters, Four Dimensions has built an excellent experience and expertise in the industry. 

Choose Four Dimensions to rely on a complete line of decorative materials of undisputed quality and timeless charm.

Call us now at +91 9324835497 for a free quote and consultation. 

Our Partners

Pleasure and relaxation
are the effects that dominate the environment decorated with our products.

Antica Signoria

Inspiration of decorative materials

Di Donato

Tradition since 1976


60 years of experience